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Vision & Vision of Diversified education

With a Vision of Diversified education

To create an institution of quality education, scientific learning and robust professionalism.

  • An institution which will benefit student, staff and society by seamlessly linking education with employment.
  • An institution which will promote individual excellence and collective endeavors through interdisciplinary studies, International diversity and adoption of best practices in the peaceful and tranquil environment on India.

With the Mission of shaping Powerful Professionals

BCN University will strive to be a centre of professional education, intellectual resources and academic excellence in this part of the world.

  • Our mission will be to impart vibrant and comprehensive education to students enabling them to be catalyst of change.
  • We will encourage the students to explore, experiment, create knowledge and develop their full potential while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in their personal and professional lives.
  • We will expose our students to inter disciplinary learning, cross cultural diversity and promote “Learn in India” through international exchanges, collaborations and curriculum.
  • We will produce leaders who inspire, winners who set positive standards and achievers who have the ability to make the difference.



Here you will join an outstanding community of students from all over the world, who come together and we work towards achieving their common make it happen aim of receiving world class education in a university which is acclaimed to be one of the best in the country. We have adopted modern teaching methods without discarding values of traditional learning approaches. You can be assured that you will receive education qualifications that are of international standards and recognition. These qualifications are transferable and recognized by other universities. Across our broad range of innovative and challenging courses you will use the latest technology and have access to research by the most brilliant minds from across the world. You will be inspired and challenged by academics who are active in their fields and would be giving you contemporary insights that will help you create your space in the very competitive domestic and global job markets. Our whole administration’s commitment to your personal and professional development ensures that you build a firm foundation of your chosen career.

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What we do

What we do

BCN University in Delhi, who have been passionate teachers. Since inception, BCN University has been different. Our students have been different. So are our faculty, our academic strengths and our outlook towards teaching and learning. Within a decade, most of our academic programs are ranked in top programs in the country.

Students from around the country are getting attracted to BCN University because of our commitment to teaching excellence, focus on research, tailored courses that makes our education relevant to changing career dynamics and formidable industry partnerships.

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True leaders have integrity; BCN University is led by a true leader:

Prof. Dr. Manisha, Chancellor of the university and under his dynamic leadership a dedicated team of renowned academicians of the country shape the future of the students. He ensures that only the brightest minds mentor to create graduates of the highest caliber.

Prof. Dr. SP Lather, Vice Chancellor believes that team work is key to active learning. Students are encouraged to participate, debate, contribute, share and collaborate. In the beginning of the session, all students are put through a foundation course to identify and work on their developmental requirements.

Advocate Dr. Amit Dua, Central Registrar believes Integrity is the very core of their influence. Living the values they profess to believe in is what gives them credibility and allows others to place their trust in them. True leaders are able to say “do as! do” rather than just “do as I say”, because they lead by example.

Prof. Deepak Suhag, Central Administrator had been carried out various social and welfare activities in education, health and welfare sector. The Institution have created adequate linkages, assurance and support from a large number of leading business houses to ensure the essential ingredients for the promotion of quality education, i.e. adequate financial resources, educational and managerial support and availability of quality faculty besides providing assurance of quality placements.


Top Ranked Indian University

BCN is a research- and innovation-led campus that kindles great ideas and inspires out-of-the-box thinking. As a university where learning and success are the pillars to success, we focus on everything that prepares you for the future — research, skill development, world-class faculty, innovation & placements.

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